Welcome to Headway DEI Training!

We’re a registered 501c3 nonprofit providing science-based Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training for employees, facilitators and management. We offer paid services to for-profit clients, and provide the same services below cost or at no cost to other nonprofits.

Organizations spend billions of dollars every year on diversity training that doesn’t work. A 2019 analysis of nearly 500 separate DEI programs involving some 80,000 people found that traditional unconscious bias training doesn’t reduce biased behavior. It sometimes increases the likelihood of prejudiced decisions and discrimination.

That’s why Headway DEI Training relies on the best research in sociology, psychology and neuroscience to study what does work. We use scientifically proven techniques to increase awareness of inherent bias. We also teach what to do to change biased behavior, and how to avoid the mistakes that can prevent workplaces from becoming equitable and inclusive. We integrate evidence-based strategies into a set of actionable programs that work, centered around collaborative problem solving, healthy communication and behavioral change.

Our Services

Workplace DEI Training

Empower your team to work through differences using collaborative problem-solving techniques.

Executive DEI Training

We enable inclusive and equitable workplaces through informed leadership.

DEI Facilitator Training

Learn to lead conversations about equity and inclusion, and how to help resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Cultural Context Editing

We help provide context for telling full stories in, and of, diverse communities.

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Class begins November 14. You'll complete Level 1 Training before the new year.