Send Us Your Questions: Things That Make You Go Hmmm…


Send us your videos, your screenshots, photos or sound bites! Have you seen something you think may be racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic, ableist or problematic in any way? Send it to us!

If you received an email or a letter, or you witnessed or were the target of a microaggression, a bigoted joke or blatant discrimination, send us the receipts. We’ll let you know if the message is indeed problematic, why and how to respond.

We’ll respond to you, as well as share the content on our channels. You can keep your submission anonymous.

Our specialty is providing guidance for real situations in real time. What do you say in response? How do you answer that message from your family member or friend or boss or co-worker?

We want to end the conspiracy of silence on discrimination and move toward a culture of correction. In most cases of everyday bigotry, people are not aware that they’ve engaged in biased behavior. Thus, learning how to respond can not only help us address a situation assertively and respectfully, but it can also help the person understand that they’re words or actions have caused harm.

“No person acquired prejudices and misinformation through free choice; people were not born into the world wanting to be racist, sexist, or heterosexist. As long as biases remain hidden, however, responsibility for change at the individual, institutional, and societal levels can be avoided. The invisibility of white racial superiority and minority inferiority is a well-kept secret as long as people are not allowed to talk about it.” – Dr. Derald Wing Sue