DEIB Facilitator Training

Who should enroll

Leaders and employees at any level interested in learning how to productively guide race- and culture-related workplace conversations and interactions. Graduates will be able to lead productive discussions before a situation escalates.


Course work and material

These virtual courses are for those who want to be certified as DEIB facilitators and moderators. They involve online training, group exercises, at-home study, and virtual discussion groups. They will prepare you to lead discussions on equity and inclusion, and to intervene when conflicts arise in a group setting.

There are four levels to the complete course, starting with DEI Facilitation 1 and moving to the advanced course, DEI Facilitation 4. Participants who complete all four levels and pass a final exam will receive a DEI Facilitation Certificate from Headway.

The courses are designed to disrupt the current model of diversity training, in which team members either take an online training course, or a consultant is hired when there are issues of bias within an organization. Having a capable facilitator on staff can help organizations avoid crises by engaging in productive discussions before a situation escalates.