DEI Training

Intro to DEIB Facilitating

This course is for:

Working professionals interested in equity and inclusion within their organizations.

Supervisors who want to build diverse teams.

Executives who are looking for DEI solutions that accomplish measurable, practical goals.  

This course is the entry-level for everyone who wants to learn the Headway approach to equity and inclusion. You’ll learn about implicit bias–how to recognize it and how to prevent it from influencing behavior.  

You’ll also learn practical strategies for interrupting microaggressions without causing conflict. We’ll tackle dealing with inappropriate jokes, and when it’s appropriate to determine someone is behaving in a racist manner.

This course also explains why traditional DEI training doesn’t work. We’ll provide techniques backed by science and evidence that can move your organization toward progress.

Difficult Conversations

This course is for:

Professionals who want to improve their communication skills.

Supervisors who want to encourage productive discussion of DEIB issues.

Executives who want to foster psychological safety within the workplace.  

Level 2 helps hone the conversational and communication skills of all participants. It offers targeted strategies to improve discussions about differences.

We’ll talk about de-programming techniques designed by clinical psychologists to get around defensiveness others may feel about the subject of bias. We’ll discuss how to look for changes in body language when conversing with others.

We’ll learn how to handle conflict and disagreement in a healthy, productive way, and how to effectively apologize when you’ve made a mistake.

Creating Inclusive Organizations

This course is for:

Managers and leaders who want to create anti-racist systems within their organizations.

DEI committee members and DEI officers.

Executives who are ready to make DEI a strategic priority. 

Level 3 addresses the many DEIB issues that may arise in workplaces and other organizations. It focuses on belonging. This course teaches you how to hold inclusive meetings, how to identify problematic aspects of workplace culture, and how to change culture, no matter how ingrained it may seem. 

You’ll learn practical strategies for collaborative problem-solving and avoiding group think. You’ll also learn how to lead exercises designed to reveal unspoken issues that may be hampering an organization’s progress. We’ll provide solutions for addressing and fixing those issues–without escalating into conflict or anger. 

Facilitating in Real Time

This course is for:

DEI committee members and officers.

Leaders who want to mediate disputes or help lead working groups focused on diversity. 

Level 4 is designed for those who may be called upon to lead conversations about DEIB issues, in large or small groups. We’ll guide you through a facilitation, step-by-step, with opportunities to practice through role play. You’ll create their own checklist for use when preparing a facilitation.

We’ll also talk about how to create an effective DEI committee, and promoting equity literacy within organizations. This course will also dig into issues of burnout and compassion fatigue, offering exercises to protect yourself and others from exhaustion.

Pricing and schedule

Each course level is $850 per participant.  

Registration for Level 1 includes a printed workbook, dozens of downloadable exercises, worksheets, and research articles, along with copies of two books: Race Talk by Derald Wing Sue and Speaking of Race by Celeste Headlee. Levels 2-4 also include a copy of a textbook for use with the instruction.