Covering Elections Webinar

Celeste Headlee, acclaimed journalist and author, and our founder, is offering two election coverage workshops per month from now through October. This hour-long workshop focuses on covering the election without damaging democracy. The session includes 45 minutes of presentation with 15 minutes of Q&A. The cost to register is $19 and includes the accompanying guide to the workshop.

Select the time and date you would like to attend below. 

Covering Elections Without Damaging Democracy

Tuesday, March 12 | 12:30 pm ET / 9:30 am PT
Tuesday, April 16 | 3:30 pm ET / 12:30 pm PT
Thursday, May, 9 | 1:00 pm ET /10:00 am PT
Tuesday, June 4 |  3:30 pm ET/12:30 pm PT
Tuesday, July 9 | 12:30 pm ET/9:30 am PT
Thursday, August 15 | 4:00 pm ET/1:00 pm PT
Tuesday, September 10 | 3:30 pm ET/12:30 PT
Monday, October 7 | 4:00 pm ET/1 PT

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